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What will we learn? What materials does this course use?

This course covers all of the necessary Grammar and Vocabulary that you will need to understand and pass the N1 Level of the 日本語能力試験 (Japanese Language Proficiency Test).

We use the Shin Kanzen Master book series which is featured below at the bottom of the page and widely regarded as an industry leader for JLPT Prep.

How long is the course? Can I join any time?

This course has a curriculum which lasts 5 months - February to June and July to November. You can join this course at any time. For December and January, the course will be practical excersices that you can check your knowledge while answering the exercises with the teacher during the class.

Payment is charged on a monthly basis and covers you up until the last day of the billing cycle.

After completing the payment by signing up for the plan below - we will give you access to the course page within 24 hours. (1 business day)

So for example if you would like to join the course on Monday August 31st - simply complete payment 1 business day in advance. This will allow you to attend all lessons until September 30th. (Including any lessons on the 30th if your class day falls on that day.) You can cancel your enrollment any time and are in complete control of the invoicing through Paypal or Stripe.

What are the payment methods? Is there a trial lesson that I can take?

We do not offer a trial lesson. You can pay via a debit or credit card by creating a paypal account. Payment is charged on a monthly basis.

When should I complete the first payment?  Can I pay now but start later?

Your subscription starts from the day that you pay so we would advise you to complete payment and enroll in the course 1-2 days before your desired first lesson.

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